Let it snow

It’s been snowing for over 30 hours here in southern Vermont. When I look out our three by three picture window, I see a wall of snow. A foot of new snow since yesterday plus the sleet and freezing rain that’s been forecast as the cherry on top for later this afternoon has got everything on the agenda cancelled: appointments, school, Zumba class, play dates, and even my private chef clients. I’m trying not to worry about them. After all, they got along fine without me before.

But the truth is, even for a foodie like me, it’s been hard to deal with the whole eating thing lately.Getting to the store and hauling groceries around through the snow-engulfed parking lots have been difficult so we haven’t made as many trips for fresh produce and fruit. And with the sub-zero temperatures keeping us non-skiers inside, it’s hard to work up an appetite anyway. We’ve been eating down the cupboards until we can get to the store again, which will hopefully be tomorrow.

Here are the recipes I’ve made in the last few days with stuff that I had around.

  • Caramelized white cabbage and vidalia onions with balsamic vinegar
  • Sugar cookies made with pancake mix and decorated with leftover frosting from my son’s third birthday last week
  • Split pea soup flavored with toasted sesame oil because I have no ham hocks or bacon
  • Fried tofu with yummy stand-by soy butter glaze made from garlic, nutritional yeast, butter, lemon, and pepper
  • Chicken adobo (chicken thighs slow-cooked in a marinade of tamari, white vinegar, black peppercorns, and garlic)
  • New York Times half white-half wheat no-knead sourdough bread
  • Broccoli steam-sauteed with olive oil, salt and pepper

Not too bad considering the circumstances. But I’ve got to get inspired for my clients once this storm stops. I may not have much of an appetite this week, but they’ll be raring to go after a few days left to their own devices.

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