Life Itself

As I walked outside, a freshly lit cigarette dangled from between my lips. The first inhale felt as if Atlas was finally lifted of his burden. I let the sight and smells of the outdoors strike at me as if I were never to see them again. Damn do I feel good to be back. I won’t lie to anyone, I absolutely find our planet breath taking. My bucket list in life is all about the outdoors, traveling, and most of all: food.

Food is what pushes us, we yearn for it. We master it, manipulate it, create art like Picasso only we have no brush on our palate, but simply a sharp knife and an imagination. Endless creativity awaits anyone who has the desire and drive to do what we do. Our whole planet is a buzz about the industry. We have TV shows ranging from the celebrated author/chef Anthony Bourdain, to reality shows (I know I’m going to get hate mail for this one) that are as sad and useless as Hell’s Kitchen. At least its entertaining. As I continue to recover post-op, I have been struck with a new passion for cooking. I yearn for travels, to eat baguettes in Paris, fish in Japanese waters, have a pint at Octoberfest in Munchen, drive through California just to watch the artichokes bloom. So many wishes, so little time. A chef can be extraordinary at anything that drives them.There is no old style, or new style but continually evolving styles, influences, and techniques.

So let me ask; When was the last time you actually took a moment to appreciate everything that we have? To walk through an apple orchard, picking fresh, juicy, golden apples from upon tree top. Perhaps watching the care and passion that goes into making various cheeses, knowing full well that it make take months even years before your masterpiece is complete. I write about culinary education, and what its like being a student/writer. I’m constantly filled with opinions and ideas, recipes and originality, that I couldn’t possibly convey to all of you within just one article. I ask just one simple favor from everyone who loves food like I do, who cares about the bigger picture and not just the simple dollar. Please, my fellows, take the time to experience everything about our world. Food is interconnected with all life, no matter where you go on this planet. It deserves our respect and our love. If you have an opportunity to fish for salmon in Alaska, or learn about how fois gras is made, please do it. Experience on a line, and education in a classroom is spectacular, but the greatest lesson you can learn, comes from life itself. There is no better teacher than time.

I also urge our readers to check out our newest section, where I will be adding brand new interviews and stories of my travels, food, and lessons learned in the kitchen. Next week expect to take out the note pads. Were going to school.

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