Making Apple Cider.......

We have been making our own fresh apple cider for years but this is the first time I have documented the process and wish to share it with all of you.

We have a bunch of different varietals in the orchard including: Mackintosh, Red Barons, Sweet Sixteens, and Northern Spys.
I will also purchase a bushel or tow to help even out the flavor.
This year I purchased Paula Reds and Jon-a-Golds for their sweetness.

We have a wooden hand cranked cider press. There is a hopper in which to place the apples. They in turn then go through a shredder and into a porous bag lined receptacle. A large weighted plunger goes over the top and a screw rod pushes on the plunger to squeeze the juice. The juice runs down on to a bottom plate with a hole in it. A pail collects the juice.
I filter the juice for sand and pieces and fill empty milk cartons with the heavenly nectar. Here’s some pictures:

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