Manhattan Eating

Last weekend I decided to go and visit my friend Sarah out in Manhattan for breakfast. Along with my friends Sam and Stuart, we walked up Broadway towards Chinatown in search of legendary Dim Sum. Dim Sum is like eating Chinese buffet only it comes to you. Servers push carts with various foods pictured on them, to alert diners as to what culinary adventure they will try. Items ranged from different types of dumplings (and I’m not talking about the plain fried and steamed kinds) to all kinds of rolls and buns. The buns especially left an impression. I’ve never tried sticky pork buns until then, but it is easily one of the more euphoric foods of my life. I could eat 20 or 30 of these things. Sweet and savory flavors like nothing else.

That’s what I love about New York City, no matter how many times you go there it has something new and exciting to try. A different adventure for a different day. So many cultures and people intertwined with each block that I walk. Dim Sum let me sample some of the better eccentricities of Chinese cuisine (and only for $15!) but now I felt it was time to move on to more creative flairs with a trip to WD50. My original plan was to offer up a stage to the great Wylie Duphresne in order to garner a chance at him letting me extern there. What I got was not only a stage, but a taste of what was in store. I saw chefs preparing that evenings specials in the back. Each plate that passed my eyes was an artistic masterpiece in itself. I can’t tell you what each item was, but I can say with great pleasure that each one looked as enticing as any meal I’ve ever seen.

I finished the day walking through St. Marks in search of what else; barbecue. Just my luck, there happened to be a Texas style BBQ house that seemed to slap me in the face as I walked by. The idea of ribs stuck me like a lightning bolt. I ravaged the sweet succulent meat of steers with speed and efficiency. Finally sated, we made our way, food babies and all, back to our vehicles to say our respective goodbyes. Stu and I headed back to Hyde Park, full, fat and happy. Truly a day of Manhattan eating.

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