May The Herbs Be With You

It seems like if you have any love of food and cooking, you know that using fresh herbs versus dried or powdered herbs.Of course, you can buy fresh herbs at the grocery store, but what is even better is growing your own herb bed.

Our Herb Garden
My mother is a master gardener, so I have put her in charge of growing fresh herbs for us.Growing up we have always had fresh herbs but this year especially we have been growing just about every type of herb you can think of. Below are two pictures of the herb bed.

The bed contains (in order starting from the back Left to Right): Sweet cherry tomatoes,Tri-color sage, Purple sage, woollythyme, Provence lavender, chives, cinnamon basil, purple curly basil, sweet basil, oregano thyme, curly parsley, creeping lemon thyme, chocolate mint, caraway thyme, purple creeping thyme,and sweet mint.

Of course there are endless amounts to recipes and formulas that you can use herbs in.From fresh pasta and sauce, to ice creams and cocktails.Heres a site that talks more in-depth about how to grow and use herbs. This is cinnamon basil.I love to use this in desserts such a strawberry-basil cheesecake or a strawberry-basil mojito.

This is sweet mint.Try a unique twist on salsa or other mexican dishes by using mint in place of cilantro.

This is sweet basil.My favorite was to enjoy sweet basil is to hand-tear it and add to al dente pasta, with olive oil, parmesan cheese, and toasted pine nuts.

So What About The Winter Time
When winter time comes around, don’t fear, you don’t have to return to store bought herbs.If you grow your herbs indoors, well your already set.But, If your like me and only have an outdoor herb garden.Pick a lot (but not all, so you dont kill the plant) the leaves or stems that you want from the herbs.Wash them and than hang them up in a cool dark area until completely dry.Once they are dry, you can package them how you like, either crushed or whole.

This also makes a great and unique present.Having organic herbs made from your loving hand is always a great gift!

Enjoy your ‘herbing’ adventures!

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