Meatless Mondays

I recently learned there’s a proposal out there to have all New York public schools participate in a “Meatless Monday” program. The argument is that it’s healthier for students and is better for the environment. Also, people supposedly are more likely to keep habits they start at the beginning of the week.

Some say it’s a great way to introduce more green into the diets of youngsters while I’ve heard others claim it’s too much control. I don’t know if one meal a week that’s vegetarian can cause someone to change an entire way of eating. But more vegetables is definitely a good thing.

In school, we had several sessions on nutrition-related topics (nothing too complicated or sophisticated in the science department, thank goodness). Instead of emphasizing that we should only consume vegetables or follow one particular fad diet over another, our teachers leaned toward having a balanced diet – one that includes more vegetables than we’d normally probably eat but that also include meat and fish.

It’s always tough for me to follow any kind of dietary restrictions, especially in the kitchen. You’re constantly tasting your food in the kitchen to make sure it’s full of flavor. At the end of the night, though, I’ve been known to gorge on some leftover duck confit or lamb shanks. I think I’ll give this meatless Monday a try for a few weeks, though. So far today I’ve had some yogurt, a salad and cauliflower soup. So far, so good.

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