More than One Use

Way back when, ok about a month and a half ago, in the first hands on food class, Culinary Skills for Bakers, we spent a day on sandwiches and salads. At the time, I thought the only useful information gained in that day of class was about dressings and mayonnaise. While performing a prep task at my internship last night I realized how important sandwich day was for a baker!

Several minutes on this day was spent discussing the meat slicer. How to use it, general safety rules, and how to disassemble and reassemble it for cleaning. I observed, I took notes, I watched Chef quickly slice through ham and gruyere to later use for croque-monsieurs, and I thought to myself “I will never use a deli slicer.”

Cut to last night, and I’m using a deli slicer for the second time. This time around went much smoother. There was definitely less waste and as slices of banana fell into my hand I flashed back to Chef Klug catching slices of thinly shaved ham in his palm. I smirked to myself and wondered if he would be impressed at my banana slice catching skills. Most likely not, but luckily some of that lecture stuck, mostly safety, which I think was the point at the time.

The point I’m trying to get at though, is it appears everything, no matter how silly or small, may help you at a later date. They aren’t teaching you this stuff for kicks, it may and most likely, will serve a purpose.

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