My Doorbell

Life at home in Michigan is very different than living on campus.My house is quiet, I don’t have to share my bedroom, and the best one; no security cameras in the hallways!Although I do miss home and how life is there, I love being on campus and living in the resident halls.

Right now, I live in Triangalo Hall, which is an upperclassman only residents hall.I have one roommate, Ericka and we have a very nice room.To see pictures of what my living space looks like, check out my previous post here.

I do enjoy my room, and how much space we have but, it really takes a lot of getting used to.The walls are paper thin, and you can hear when anyone is walking around.The temperature is either really hot or really cold, and is never very constant.Friends, neighbors, and the RA’s constantly knock on the door, or the doorbell in our case.We actually have a doorbell, which is pretty fun but the noise does getting annoying after about the 5Th time its rung in one day.

But what do I love about it?The fact that I am so close to my friends!I can just walk a few feet and see them, whether they are just down the hall or across campus!You can never be late to class when you are only a few hundred feet away from your classrooms.You don’t have to waste money on lots of gas or an expensive parking pass.

Living on campus has a lot of perks.There are plenty of events going on just about everyday.Whether that be job fairs, club events, lectures, or just get togethers.You just have to look out your window to see what even is happening on campus that day!

Even though you pay for room and board, there are less expenditures that you need to worry about.You wont get a heating bill, water bill, plus you get cable and Internet in your room!There are large washers and dryers in the basement and a large common room with a fire place, flat screen TV, and pool tables!

I really love being on campus, and I really promote any student going to college to experience it for at least one year!Its an oppertunitly that you might not get again, and its a life experience that you shouldn’t pass up!

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