My Friend The Financial Advisor

Today I went to the school to check out my financial status. When you first apply to Johnson and Wales they issue you a Financial Advisor to assist you with any questions or problems you have. The planner I have has truly been a blessing to us. She has helped us tremendously.

The payment option we chose was a monthly payment to take care of what the Stafford Loan, my grants, and scholarships didn’t take care of. When I started my payments were roughly 600 dollars a month. After talking with her and showing her my good standing academic status, after two years she has gotten my payments lowered to 371 dollars a month. So that’s worked out great.

If there’s any kids reading this still in High School, I strongly suggest that you get into clubs. I was a Vica (Now I think it’s known as Skillsusa) member for 4 years in high school, and they gave me a 4000 dollar scholarship paying 1000 each year I’m in school. I wasn’t even in the culinary deptarment of It either.. It was electrical. I’m sure if I joined other programs they would’ve been equally as helpful. If I could do it again, I’d be in every club I saw open.

Anywho. The whole point I’m trying to make is when you’re issued a Financial Advisor, or an Academic Advisor at school, Make sure you use them. They will more than likely end up being great assets in the end, and you’ll be glad you did.

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