My New Home is Now Homey

So Ericka and I are finally all moved into our apartment/dorm.We really didn’t think it would all fit but surprisingly it did!We decided to buy a couch, which we had to take the door off the hinges to get it in!but, now that everything has been unpacked, and put out the room feels right at home already!

Here are some pictres of the place when we first walked in.

This is what our room looks like now.We have everything out the way we like it, but we still plan to put up photos (like above my bed) and get a side table for our couch.

This is my bed, I have yet to put up pictures, but that will happen fairly soon, I hope

Our bathroom.I changed the shower head to this fairly nice hose attachment.The head before was only about 4 feet tall, and you had to crouch down and tilt your head back uncomfortably shower.

Our fully equipped kitchen that comes with a working stove and oven (although its about the size of an easy bake oven) and even a garbage disposal!

Our living room, equipped with our brand new couch, love sac, and our own DVD library!

We have two walk-in closets!We share this one for our clothes, and the other in our kitchen is for storage.But, with the amount of clothes the two of us have, that might have to change.

If your ever in our area, come and check it out!

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