My Personal Superwoman

In the past several years I have made many cakes.From large wedding cakes to feed 400 people, to small shaped cakes for only two people.With each cake that I make, I feel that I have done the best job that I could but I know that the next cake will be better.

I made a cake this past weekend that didn’t turn out like I wanted it to.I tried to do the best I could but the image in my head just didn’t match up with the finished product.It was about 10:30 at night and I had spent all day working on this cake.I was tired and frustrated and didn’t know how to fix the cake and make it better.

So, I went to my own personal superwoman; my mom.It’s great to have someone under your own roof that can give you amazing incite and criticism without being harsh.I trust her opinion and she never just gives me the “oh, it looks amazing” answer.

After dragging her out of bed and making her come down to our kitchen for advise, I repainted part of the cake but still wasn’t happy with the outcome.I decided I would need to just settle with what I had, because I didn’t have time to re-do the entire cake.

Temporary Insanity
Having to settle only made my frustration worse.I was so tired and worn-out that I had a small meltdown.I was just really questioning if I was good enough to make cakes.If I would ever be happy with my work in the future, and be good enough to have a upscale bakery in the future.

After pacing in my kitchen, looking disparagingly at the cake, I headed up back to my moms room for some reassurance.I started making claims of ending my cake decorating career, that maybe I should just cut my losses and move on.

After a bout of temporary insanity on my part, my mom helped me to realize that giving up everything I have worked so hard for would be a very bad decision.With only a few wise words from her I had instantly changed my mind and felt relieved.

My mom is amazing and has been my biggest supporter through everything in my life, especially cake decorating and cake artistry.I don’t know what I would do without her help and advise.So, thank you mom.

I am sure that most people, at one time or another, doubt something that they work hard for.Whether its their job, a relationship, or life in general.I know that being in the food service industry, and especially when you have your own business, things will get tough.But, you just have to learn to push through it and not give up.

I am very lucky to have someone like my mom being my biggest supporter, critic, therapist, investor, and friend!

My Great Mother

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