My Awesome Birthday Present

It was over a year ago that I first heard about the Cricut cake machine. I had no idea what it was and at first thought, how silly that someone would pay all that money for a machine that does what your hands can do?!

Fast forward to a few months ago and a friend of mine bought one of the cricut cake machines. He told me about all of the diffeent amazing things that it can do, and that it does so much more than what we can do with just our hands and an exacto knife.

So, I did some more research about the machine and found out about the features. I knew that it could not only be a fun new cake decorating toy but also a great adaptive tool that will allow me to continue my baking while helping with the back pain. It is something that I could use while sitting down and would turn potential hours of handrolling, piping, and cutting into just a few minutes in the Cricut Cake Machine.

I showed the machine to my Mother and family and asked for it for my birthday. I never thought that I would actually get it from them! I was so excited to try out my new tool, which even came with a few sheets of pre-rolled frosting sheets for me to play around with a bit.

The machine is so easy to use and each catridge has hundreds of different shapes that you could put together. Another great thing about the machine is that any cartridges from any of the other Cricut products works in it as well. So, in all there are thousands of different cuts that could be made.

It does take some playing around with to get the machine to cut perfectly, and I would not reccomend this machine to someone who does not have any cake decorating skills. I personally see this more of a tool for professionals and advanced hobbyist than just the person who decorates once every 3 months.

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