New Ad-Ventures

I started decorating cakes my sophomore year of high school.My first paid-for cakewas for my doctor’s Halloween party: I made a severed zombie hands laying in the grass.Since then I have been addicted to decorating cakes and started my own small business called Kellyn Jeanne Cakes.

In the beginning
Back then my only clients were friends and family, and I think I made more cakes that were given away then actually bought.Thank you, Mom, for being the one who paid for all those ingredients! All those practice cakes gave me plenty of trial and error time, and I was really able to find where my niche was in life and that was as a pastry chef!

Around the time that I worked my first job at a cake and cupcake bakery, I put together an actual portfolio and built a small and pathetic looking website.I always wanted something more professional, but for some reason I just never put in the effort to finish one.

Sending out the signals
Fast forward three years and many cakes later. I decided it was time to actually get a professional website up and running again.I put an ad online for someone who would be willing to make my site for cheap or to maybe trade for a cake.I received almost 700 emails from people interested in the job! It took me about a month to narrow the list down enough to find 5 people that I would reply to.

Finding the right one
Out of the five emails that I replied to, 3 gave me quotes that were far out of my price range.Once woman told me she would love to trade for a wedding cake but seemed to think that making a $200 website was the same as a $2500 wedding cake; needless to say I did not hire her.The last person told me that he would do it for free because he had just started in the business, the only caveat was that he wanted to use my website as his portfolio. How could I refuse?

Tick tock
We worked for almost the past three months getting the site put together.I wanted it done in a month, but I guess I need to cut him some slack: he had only done one other website in the past!Things kept coming, most of which were my fault — like my computer breaking, which required me to edit all of my pictures.

It’s all done!
Now after three months of tweaking, the website is finally done!I am so excited to actually have it finished so that I can put my name out there more.I don’t have too many customers breaking down my door — but I am fine with that. Because of my back pain, I can’t do too much baking anyway.

Kellyn Jeanne Confections
If you are interested in checking out my website click here.I’m happy to have it done, to actually have a place to refer people to!Now, all I need to do is work on getting an official logo made. That will be my next project!

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