Next day, I still smell like bacon

During class yesterday, I cooked bacon, for almost an hour. Nothing but bacon. And despite the long, hot shower I took last night, and this morning before work, I still smell like bacon. It’s in my hair, my skin. Bacon. I’m wondering if bathing in tomato juice will help…or perhaps that will just make me smell like a BLT.

I can only imagine having to cook bacon for 10 hours, as compared to my one hour. It must take weeks to get that smoky smell out of your body.

Three classes remain until the final exam. I’m ready. So ready. Not only for the class to come to an end, but ready to experience a new chef instructor next semester. I like Chef, I really do. I just don’t like his way of teaching - I don’t get it.

This class seems more like “what does Chef want for dinner?” rather than a class in teaching us the basics, because every week, we cook the chefs dinner, and it never seems to follow the syllubus. I’m sure the basics are in there somewhere, but they’re rarely pointed out and never correspond to anything we’re reading, so we never really know what we’re supposed to be doing — we can never prepare ahead of time for what we’re supposed to be cooking in class. Not being prepared drives me nuts.

And as often as Chef says, “Just ask me if you’re not sure how to do something,” he acts annoyed and uses a tone that says, “You’re an idiot,” when we ask for help, or if we burn something or make a mistake. I HATE this approach to teaching.

Last night, we focused on cheese making. I was so excited, until Chef said only one group (out of 5) was going to make ricotta, and the rest of us would be tasked with another part of the menu. It’s so easy to make ricotta and fresh mozzarella (from what I’ve seen tableside). How we’re supposed to apply the information he tells us about cheese, without making it, is beyond me. He didn’t even call over the class to watch the other group making it. Nothing. I don’t get it.

So this weekend, I’m going to make a boat load of ricotta cheese, without Chef, and hope I do it right. I’m sure I can do it the right way — it’s not rocket science. But, it would be nice to have that guidance from an experienced Chef.

Three cheers for next semester!

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