No I Don't Want a Cupcake....

…Okay, maybe just one!

About four years ago I started working at a cupcake and cake bakery called Cake Nouveau in Ann Arbor, MI.I worked there for a bit under a year making dozens and dozens of cupcakes six days a week.There was some creativity to what I did, creating new flavored cupcakes each week, but anything done repetitively gets old.Quick.

Once I moved on from the bakery and moved to Denver to attend school at Johnson and Wales University, I vowed I wouldn’t eat another cupcake again unless I made it myself, and even that didn’t happen often.

I would pass the cupcake shops around town, see cupcakes at the store, and the whole time I would just feel a little revolted.Not because the taste of cupcakes grossed me out but more about the fact that I had made so many for such a long time that I had tired of them.It made me think of hours spent in the hot kitchen making tray after tray of cupcakes, and even coming home smelling of sugar and butter.

Over a month ago a good friend of mine had a craving for cupcakes at a particular bakery called The Shoppe in Denver.I consented to going because he had such a strong desire for these cupcakes, and I figured I would have some coffee or possibly a cookie instead.Once inside I saw that array of several dozen types of cupcakes to try, each one looking better than the next.I picked out the ‘Samoas’ cupcake, a rendition on the popular Girl Scout cookie.It was a chocolate cake with a caramel buttercream, soft caramel center, and topped with toasted coconut.

From then on I was hooked on The Shoppes cupcakes!My friend and I would go there several times a week and enjoy their goodies and now that I am back in Michigan I miss their delicious cupcakes.It made me realize that my hatred of cupcakes for a few years was purely based on the negative thoughts of producing cupcakes, and not because of the taste.

I’ve been craving a cupcake from The Shoppe lately and I would suggest if any of you are in the Denver area that you check it out!

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