No school today

Chef surprised us with only one class this week. Apparently, the school only allows so many hours each semester, so all classes were canceled for what they’re calling “College Night.” The school’s food club had been talking about a bake sale for the event, but I didn’t realize all classes were canceled as well.

I’m excited to have the day off, but also a little bummed to miss a class. We scaled and filleted a Walleye yesterday…actually, I watched painfully as my cooking partner butchered the poor thing. Oh the flesh, the poor flesh – it was a mess. My partner kept running his boning knife over his steel with anger, missing a few times and almost cutting into his wrist because he was pushing on the steel so hard.

His knives are never very sharp, and yesterday was a good day for a sharp knife. His steel didn’t help much. Once the knife is dull, no steel in the world will save the edge, no matter how hard or how many times you hone it.

Three cheers for the French classics; we had to muck up the fish with a cream sauce. I apologized over and over to the fish in my head. Oh to gently poach the dear thing and then smother it in cream sauce seemed a crime punishable by every natural food law.

My heart wasn’t in the dish at all, and you could tell by my plate presentation. I didn’t even take a photo of it for my portfolio — it was a messy pile of flaky fish swimming in ivory cream sauce with carrot pearls. We were supposed to also have peas in there, but I’m strangely allergic to them.

Next week, let it be lobster, please. I’m feeling some of the creativity come back to me.

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