Nose No-No's

There’s nothing like walking down the hallways of a culinary school when all of the classes are in full-blast of their days production.If you are someone sensitive to odd or strong smells, being in Johnson and Wales College of Culinary Arts building around 11AM is the last place you would want to be.

If your lucky enough to be in the building when the garde manger class is being held, the entire building smells of smoking beef and curing pork.The overwhelming smell, that could be described as a combination of bologna and formaldehyde, wafts into every classroom and overpowers the sweet smell of any baked good.

The next day you might come to class to the welcoming smell of anything burned.From burned bread or fish, to the worse burned smell of them all: a burned alcohol reduction.In most culinary classes, making some sort of red wine reduction or boiling down a stout is a common occurrence.And, usually one student will forget about their concoction on the stove-top and it will boil down until the mix has turned into a boiling pot of charcoal.The smell that is emitted permeates everything, and when you breath in it burns your nostrils and leaves a sharp feeling in the back of your throat.Even drinking water wont make it go away.

In an attempt to be green, our school has implemented the use of a large compost pile in the back of our building.I think its great that we are doing this, and it has really shown me just how much we waste in each class.Unfortunately, when the sun comes out or it is particularly warm out to stench of rotting fruits and vegetables moves about the campus and sometimes can even be smelled from my dorm across campus.

Sometimes it is nice to just get away from the smells and go up to the mountains and smell the clear air.After 2 years of experiencing these bad smells on a constant basis, you would think that I would be used to it.Sadly, I am not.Hopefully in the future I wont be in an environment where terrible smells like this wont be a constant happenstance, but for now I will just have to put up with it.

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