Nostalgic Food

Do you have something in your life, a favorite food, a favorite place, a favorite book, that just thinking about it makes you happy and reminds you of good times?While I have several of such type effects, there is one that seems to stick out in my mind lately; Herbert's Fisheries in Killarney, Ontario, CAN.

Blythefield Hills Baptist Church
In high school I started going to a new church, Blythefield Hills Baptist Church in Rockford, MI and became very involved with the youth group.Every year, right around the first week after school lets out for summer, they have a sailing trip in the North Channel of Canada called Dawn-treader.I went each year and had some truly life changing and amazing experiences there.Not only is the landscape peaceful and majestic but just the experience of sailing was so much fun and brought me so much happiness.

Killarney, Ontario
Towards the end of the trip we would take our fleet of about eight 30-50 foot sloops to a sail-through town called Killarney in the middle-of-nowhere of Ontario.It was a small fishing town that didn't have much besides a small catholic church, a hotel, and a gas station with pay showers. Killarney makes me think of those perfect little towns that you see in the movies where everyone knows your name and each others business.But, the best thing about Killarney was Herbert's Fisheries.

Only open on the weekends during the summer, Herbert's is an old red and white school bus that has been converted into a fish-fry.The only thing they serve are fried fish, french fries, and the option of a combo of fried fish and french fries.Every summer the same two women cut up the freshly caught and flopping cod and quickly fry them up and place them in a white cardboard box.Buy yourself a can of root beer out of the vending machine standing unevenly on the gravel ground and sit down at the many picnic tables right off the dock.You can even feed your leftovers to the many awaiting seagulls, that is if you have any leftovers.

Nothing Else Compares
Ever since having their fish, no other fish and chips even remotely compares in flavor.I wish that I could go there again and have such amazing food; and the thought of having it brings me back to the happiness and pleasure that I would get from those sailing trips.

It’s an eleven hour trip from my currently location to Killarney, and there are times that I have thought about just doing it.If I was physically able to drive for that amount of time and had the expendable income for a few days of vacation I would do it.Maybe one day when I have the money, I can take my own sailboat back up to Killarney and the North Channel.

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