Not Just A Piece of Cake

A few months ago my teacher and I were having a discussion during chocolate’s class about writing a cookbook.We both had a strong interest in writing a baking and pastry cookbook and decided we would work on one together.For a long time now I have wanted to write my own cookbook, but I never thought I would have the opportunity to do it now.

Once we finally figured out what the theme of the book would be, it was time to start writing it.So far we are still in the beginning faze, currently just writing rough drafts and discussing how things will be set-up.I have been doing a lot of research on what baking books are out there now and what makes them successful or not.

I never thought that writing any type of book would be easy, but I also didn’t realize just how much work it would entail.We have been writing outlines, buying software, planning the layouts, and many other tasks.So far the hardest task is coming up with a title.We both want something professional sounding, but also a title that is fun and will attract all types of readers.

I know that we will get everything done, and that we will figure out a title.But, right now it feels very overwhelming.Do you have any good ideas for a title?

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