Now This Is Cool

I came across this interesting little tidbit about McDonald’s today. Everyone knows that fast food is, well, just terrible for you. Food Inc., Fast Food Nation, Super Size Me are just a few of the movies that put McDonald’s in a negative light. Yet, I know full well the feeling of stomach pains that come after just thirty minutes of imbibing a McDouble. This artist, Sally Davies, came up with this idea for a striking slideshow, called the Happy Meal Project. The link can been found here.

Like A Rock

When food goes bad, it grows mold and begins to solidify into a rock. Well, thats just ordinary food, when you can cook a hamburger in under three minutes en mass, you start walking down a whole new path. McDonald’s swears my their food being 100% USDA approved beef. I’ve cut strip loins and worked as a butcher before, and when beef goes bad, it turns a nasty shade of greyish-green, and the smell resembles rotting flesh. According to this project, a single happy meal was left out for 137 days. Only, it never started to decompose.

The Catch

People from the fast food giant say that the food has been manipulated, to look like that, but I know the difference. At no point, ever, does 100% beef stay for 137 days. I’m not going to admit that in my early college days I wasn’t the tidiest of students. I did however, conduct my own experiments in how long McDonald’s burgers last, albeit nonchalantly. I’ve seen french fries that after two horrifying months still looked similar to they did when fresh. Burger patties that haven’t changed in the slightest. I don’t believe the load of bull that McDonald’s is feeding us either. (Get it? Ha ha? Sigh….)

Mystery Meat

I’ve seen hockey pucks with less resemblance to real food than a happy meal. In this sad case, we are consuming a foul product that is mostly made up of fillers, lab created items, and essence of meat. While I can’t outright prove this, ask you parents and those who remember what Mc’ D’s used to taste like. Something along the lines of real beef. Think about this next time you want to go for that late night run.

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