Nuts! Food Safety, Twitter and More

As many of you know, Chef2Chef has been experimenting with our Twitter account (@Chef2Chef) by holding live weekly chats on popular culinary topics.We had to postpone our Twitter chat on food safety last week because the infamous Twitter Fail Whale kept appearing, but we are a go for this Thursday morning, 10am PST.

Thanks to the introduction of the Food Safety Modernization Act last week (H.R. 875), the recent peanut and pistachio salmonella scares, and the fact that it affects us all,food safety is a hot topic these days.There have been many myths floating around about H.R. 875–It would end organic farming! It would shut down backyard gardens! And like most moments of American hysteria, these claims turn out not to be true. has a great blog post discussing the Food Safety Modernization Act, myth and fact.

What concerns you the most about food safety?Do you think the government can do more?If so, do you think the FDA should receive more funds?Is food safety something you worry about each time you visit the grocery store or not so much?

So now, your homework for tomorrow’s chat:

Here are some great food safety resources.The FDA has been on the case.Think what they could do with adequate resources!

To take part in the Chef2Chef Twitter chat on food safety tomorrow 10am PST, you can follow along on Twitter or use one of the private rooms we’ve set up on Tweet Chat and Tweetizen (we are still evaluating which group platform works best).Trust me, the chats are a lot of fast and furious fun.Our goal this week is to be both educational AND a top ten trend on Twitter.You can help by following @Chef2Chef and tagging all of your food safety related tweets with #chef2chef .

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