Oh That Right, Its College!

When you attend college at Johnson and Wales, regardless of what degree you are pursuing, taking classes in leadership and management is required to graduate.When you are a freshman/ first year student you take a class called career management.Career management is a class to basically get you started to begin your career when you get out of college.The class helps you interviewing skills, your skills as a team player, and how to write a resume.

Your second year at Johnson and Wales you are required to take foundations of leadership.This is the class that I am in currently.Foundations of leadership is exactly how it sounds, the basics and foundations of being a good leader both personally and in the work place.In every class we talk about the different types of leadership and how to implement them.

We recently had our midterm exam for foundations of leadership.The class period before the exam our professor informed the class about the format of the exam.He told us that there would be 20 questions, and each one required a minimum of a 10 sentence essay.

When I first heard just how difficult the exam would be I was furious!Foundations was meant to be an easy “A” class, meant for every kind of student to pass.I was fairly angry to think that other professors teaching foundations of leadership didn’t even have an exam as part of their curriculum, and here I was taking an exam that was harder than my baking chemistry class.

I sat down and very slowly took the exam.It took me almost 2 hours to complete and my hand was cramped up and covered in gray pencil rubbings by the time I was done.As I was leaving the classroom after handing in my test book I was still bitter about the exam.

I thought it wasn’t fair that we had to take such a challenging exam.But, after thinking about it more.I am not longer in high school.This is college and it is supposed to be difficult and challenging.Attending Johnson and Wales would be a waste of money if all of my classes were easy, because I would never remember anything.

I can tell you one thing now, I will never forget every detail of that exam and of my foundations of leadership class.I guess that was the point.

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