One for the Ages

Imagine this: You've slaved in kitchens for a handful of years working your way up the ranks. Now you're the executive chef of your own little bistro, creating the food you've always wanted to serve.

But one day, a critic dines at your restaurant, slams your food and garners front-page publicity for his opinion. And on top of that, the critic is a 12-year-old boy.

Fair? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. A little out of hand? I'd say yes.

The New York Times wrote about such a 12-year-old in the past year and he's gotten a lot of attention since. He's been dining with other top food critics for stories in glossy magazines and may get a movie deal out of it.

But my question: how much can a kid actually know about food?

Not that much, I say.

Children are still developing their palate at that age. They can't even legally drink in the United States.

We shouldn't blame the kid who acts as a "critic" but it's more the fact that people seem to be obsessed with a celebrity chef culture. I've documented my disdain for celebrity chefs on here because to me it seems to breed notoriety first and foremost and not actual skills.

You and I don't need a 12-year-old to tell us that.

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