Pastry Blues

During the classic culinary arts program, there are about six lessons involving pastry in Level 2. I’m in that section and pastry is bumming me out. I am so tired of making cremes and doughs and egg foams and meringues. Yesterday it was creme caramel, biscuit for a bavarian creme filled charlotte, creme anglaise, and pastry cream (which we have made at least 6 times now). I find it hard to be creative with pastry, as it is such an exact science. One of my classmates said that the key to success in pastry is to be a good measure-er. There are definitely some major differences between people who are masters of pastry and people who are savory chefs. I think there is more of a timeliness factor involved in a savory kitchen as opposed to a pastry kitchen, and maybe there is an element of whimsy that one needs to be a great pastry chef? Am I on the mark here or completely off base? What do you think some of the differences are?

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