Paying culinary dues

I feel like I’m paying the equivalent of my “culinary dues.” I’m exhausted. I’m working like a dog. I’m overextended between school, building up my writing portfolio and experience, and being a mom and wife. While I thought time away from my family had ended after my externship, I still hardly see them.

I’m not complaining (except for the part about not seeing my family). I’m enjoying every minute of this career change, but also hoping all of these “dues” will soon be done, over with, completed, finished. I’m ready for the light at the end of the tunnel to hit me square in the face and blind me straight into a full time job, with family-friendly hours again.

The last part of the puzzle though, before I can truly feel like I’ve earned a worthy place in this culinary community, is to bite the bullet and do what I’ve been avoiding this entire time: work in a commercial kitchen. I’m not sure for how long, or how far I’d like to take it. It depends on the environment, I suppose. But like my externship, the restaurant will have to be extraordinary, with high standards.

I wonder if any of them offer “mom hours.”

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