Peaking Over The Neighbor's Fence

Has this happened to you? You notice a tree in somebody’s yard, loaded with perfectly ripe fruit just begging to be picked and then you glance downward, beneath the tree, and you see just as much fruit on the ground, untouched and turning to compost before your eyes?

If you’re anything like me you’ve been tempted to knock on that person’s door and ask if you might put some of that fruit to good use for jams, preserves, pies, tarts, juice…

I’ve knocked on my fair share of doors and last year I even put a posting on Freecycle asking for any fruit in my neighborhood that might otherwise go to waste. While that did lead me to some amazing apples, and a few other delights, overall it didn’t get me too far.

So you can imagine my excitement when I recently learned about a new website that locates these hidden, home-grown harvests for you. The site is called Veggie Trader and it connects those people who have a bumper crop of home grown produce with those who’d like to have some of it.

The site allows for the produce to be given away, traded or sold, depending on what the grower prefers. It costs nothing to join and, after registering, all you have to do is enter your zip code and you’re on your way.

The site is fairly new, and summer is just getting started, so there is not an abundance of produce being offered just yet (at least not in my area,) but soon summer fruit will be at its peak and there will undoubtedly be plenty for all who are interested. I think that the concept is ingenious and I’m hopeful that once the word gets out, there will be a bounty of fruits, veggies, herbs and nuts available in every neighborhood.

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