Piece of Scrap

One of the first lab-classes that I took at Johnson and Wales University was Cakes and Petit Fours. I remember it well, because that is where I was introduced to rum balls. Throughout the week, our class would collect the cake scrapsandbuttercream that were left over from the cakes we finished.Once we had a sizable amount of scraps, we would chuck them all into a mixer with some dutched cocoa and mix until well blended. Then we’d finish them by rolling the mix into a ball and covering them with sprinkles.

My table-mates and I would talk not only about how we found rum balls to be fairly revolting, but about how none of us thought we would every sell them at our future bakeries.To me, rum balls were always very messy, tasted bad, and did not look good enoughto take any credit for.

One day about a year ago, I found a magazine article about a baker who was reinventing the rum ball and turing them into ‘Cake Pops’.She first started off by using premium ingredients and then decorated them after being dipped in chocolate.On her website, now you can see pictures of these adorable cake popslike everything from Snow Men to bumble-bees.

I always have scraps left over after making a cake, so it was easy for me to make my own version of the cake pops.I dipped mine in a dark chocolate couverture and decorated them like I would regular truffles.They tasted great and were also a big hit to anyone who tried them.I like to call mine Cake Truffles because I decorate them like gourmet truffles.

Bakerella,also known as Angie Dudley, has recently published a book aptly called “Cake Pops” that can be bought in most bookstores around the country.It was a bittersweet moment when I found that I wasn’t the only one making Cake Truffles.The great part about cake balls or pops coming into popularity is that we cake decorators now have a better way to use up those cake scraps and earn a little more cash.If you have a bakery near you that makes Cake Pops or Cake Truffles you should definitely try them–or even make a batch for yourself!

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