Practical Magic

Tomorrow is the final test and practical exam for my Level 2 class. After each level of study (there are 6 at the FCI) students must demonstrate their cumulative knowledge with a written test and their kitchen skills with a practical test. The tests are pretty self explanatory and come straight from the book (with a few exceptions.) The practical, on the other hand tests your knife skills, cleanliness, organization, and attention to detail.

The practical for Level 2 involves quartering a chicken, filleting a round fish, tournage and making a mayonnaise. We’ve performed these tasks a hundred times during the past few levels, but something about striving to do them absolutely perfectly for the practical is unnerving. So right now I’ve got a striped bass chilling out in the fridge ready for me to hack up for practice. Hopefully, I will do him justice and enjoy a delicious dinner and be all the more closer to perfection tomorrow afternoon!

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