Rate of pay

I’ve always been puzzled by the rate of pay a trained cook or chef is offered in this business. Chef once presented the scenario to the class: A person wanting to become a massage therapist has to go through school and obtain a license before he/she can begin practice. A cook, on the other hand, doesn’t even have to go to school to work in a kitchen, requires no special training to begin, and has the potential to kill someone if the food isn’t prepared correctly.

I’m not sure how this came to be or how the cycle started, but I’m hoping it will break soon. I’m about ready for my restaurant experience to begin, and think I might be worth a little more than $8 an hour.

I’ve worked in catering before, and spent a night working the line at an upsacale restaurant in Orlando once, but that’s about as far as my experience goes when it comes to restaurants. I’m ready for it, and ready to start at the bottom. But, even at the bottom, I know more and have more experience than the average Joe applying for the same position.

Does that even matter, or is it equal playing fields when you walk through that kitchen door?

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