Road Tripping Part Deux

One of the most amazing things about food is that almost no matter where you go, your offered something different or new. A burger in Buffalo could be different than a burger made in Las Vegas. In New York City, millions of different foods are just around each corner. That’s why I love taking road trips to New York, its not just for friends and for shopping but because it allows me to further expand my culinary horizons.

Union Square For The Win

Union Square in New York is a hotbed of all things organic with the farmers market that sits surrounding the park. To the east is restaurants like Union Square Cafe, where my friend Sarah introduced me to high end cafe dining. To the West, the ever famous, Le Bernadin, where all my seafood desires can be alleviated by Chef Eric Ripert’s glorious cooking. The market is truly the hidden gem in between the two, for every footstep brings a new vendor, hoping to showcase off fresh organic fruits and veggies, or in one rare case, an all natural, USDA certified organic rare breed of pig with such a high fat content that a mere pound of loin costs as much as $45. To taste such succulence would be well worth the price.

Set Sails For The Horizon!

From Canal Street down, one can explore the wonders of Chinatown. This is the only place in New York that almost anything can be found. A quick shot up north to Bowrey and Delancy will put you in the Asian market. The market showcases a worldly selection of fruits and vegetables, ranging from the hideous smelling Durium fruit, which tastes like carmelized bananas, to szechwan buttons; whose feel is nothing but electric in your mouth. Peppers and spices from around the world are cased in behind all these culinary conquests, waiting for someone to take them home and experiment. New York provides an excellent opportunity for any young culinary student to explore their culinary horizons.

What This Means For You

The first thing that any culinary school will teach is to know your products. Know how to recognize, and use anything in the food world. This means going out and exploring all the varied types of food out there. If you want to be the best, you need to know how to separate the best from the rest. There is no greater way than tasting your way to an education.

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