Ruining Cookies On Purpose

Making cookies with no eggs, making a cake with no baking powder, and making bread with no wheat flour.Why would I want to do this?Not because I am wanting to actually eat the messed up product that I just made, but for the purpose of learning more about baking science.

Part of getting a baking and pastry arts associates degree from Johnson and Wales University is taking a class called Bake Tech.Bake tech is a lecture and lab that teaches you about the chemistry of baking.How the different ingredients do in a formula and how they interact with one another.

This past week we did in experiment about flour and how different flours act in a white bread formula.Each group in out class would substitute all-purpose flour for different types of flour, like rye flour, rice flour, graham flour, and vita gluten flour to name a few.The point of doing this experiment is to learn how to use these different flours.With the rising popularity of gluten free products; its vitally important to learn how to make gluten free products.

When I first started taking this class I was really not looking forward to taking it.I thought that this class was going to be extremely boring and pointless to learn.But, to be honest, Bake Tech is a very beneficial class.I know now how certain ingredients act in a formula, and what their purpose is in a formula.This now gives me the knowledge to write my own formulas successfully.

While I am not sure if classes like this are offered at other culinary schools, but I can tell you if your serious about baking; make sure you take a baking chemistry class.

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