Say Ciao to Externships in Italy

Have you ever considered taking your culinary aspirations to a country with great food and rich history? I recently had the pleasure of meeting Bill Disselhorst, who not only did just that, but paved the ways for other chefs-to-be to complete part of their coursework in Italy. Disselhorst founded Italian Country Cooking in Casperia, Italy, a school for culinary students and tourists alike.

The purpose of the school is to give people an opportunity to learn how to make fresh and simple Italian dishes, all against the backdrop of the beautiful Italian countryside. The curriculum is based on traditional recipes and techniques passed down from generation to generation, and is a great place for culinary students to fulfill their externship requirements. Teaming up with Chef Boyd and The California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, culinary students can spend 3,6, or 12 weeks studying in Italy, depending on the requirements of their culinary school.

Check out the tourist and externship class offerings at, and share other great externship opportunities you've discovered in the comments below!

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