Schedule screw up and one more semester

Our school posts the roster list of students online once you’re enrolled in a class; only those in the class can see everyone and the instructor so that we can all communicate with each other, if need be. Excited about next semester, I wanted to see if any I knew was in the class.

When I clicked on the class, the wrong instructor was listed — it was the one instructor I never wanted to experience again from French Classical. My French Classical was anything but. We fried chicken, made pizza, and I almost walked out of class one night because of the chaos and lack of control over the students.

I’m not sure how this happened, but I had been enrolled in Classical again, instead of International Cuisine. Registration is closed, and there is a possibility I may not be able to get into the class I wanted, the class I need to graduate next semester.

I immediately emailed my advisor, but with the holiday, school is closed until Monday. Fingers crossed I can get into the class. If not, hello summer school. Damn.

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