Seder or Easter Dishes in C-School?

Just as I thought my waistline had recovered from the Christmas/Hanukkah/Christian new year/Jewish new year feasting, it's time again to celebrate with Passover and Easter next week. Being a Judeo-Christian is great for one's cultural heritage, bad for one's love handles.

Chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies aside, the Passover Seder meal is the highlight of the Spring holiday season. I'm not slamming Easter Sunday, I love a good brunch as much as the next person. I just have a soft spot for any meal that involves many hours, many glasses of wine and bad singing (or at least in my family, "Deyenu" tends to be boisterous and off key). Finding little plastic Easter eggs with candy inside may be more exciting than the Passover afikoman (matzoh in a napkin, wheee!). Still, I'm going with my Jews culinarily on this holiday.

I'm going to delve into the Seder meal more next week, but before I do, I was curious if any culinary schools are teaching holiday-specific dishes (either one, Passover or Easter). Any special lamb dishes being taught? Anyone learning to make a mean matzoh ball soup? If you are, speak up! I'd love to hear about it (as well as steal a recipe…)

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