Seeing Red

It has taken 3 years for the lush and beautiful raspberry bushes in our back yard to fully grow and start producing fruit.Now that the weather has been consistently hot and sunny, our home is overflowing with sweet smelling red raspberries.

Each day my mother or I walk out with a large mixing bowl and pick as many as we can see.The large mixing bowl is quickly filled and I know that we have only touched about a third of the ripe berries.While I love raspberries and thought that I could eat them everyday, I found out that it is just not possible.

So far we have used them for pies, jam, syrup for ice cream, raspberry shortcake, and just for snacking on them.With all of these desserts, we still have a plethora of raspberries, and are stacking up in our fridge faster than they can be eaten.So far, I have had to freeze about 4 pounds worth so that they wouldn’t go bad and start rotting.

I hate to say it, but I am starting to get sick of raspberries.So, if anyone is interested in some raspberries just come on over and pick some.I will continue coming up with different recipes to use them for, but please come take some off my hands!

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