Ski Days, Colorado Pizza, and a Cold Beer

Ski season is soon coming to an end, everyday the weather around Denver gets warmer and warmer.The threat of blizzards are still looming during the 75 degree days and on a day like yesterday when Denver got a foot of snow and the temperature was about 12 degrees, I was happy that maintenance has not turned on the air conditioning yet.

For those of you who are not familiar with living the life of a ski bunny and what a typical powder day is like I thought I would fill you in.Like many other skiers, I have my ritual when I have a day off to go up to the mountains.

It is still dark outside
I set my alarm for about 5:30AM, and hit it a few times and finally pull myself out of bed around quarter to.Knowing that I will get sweaty during my skiing, I pass on a shower and braid my hair, pull on my spandex pants and knitted turtleneck.I gather my pink ski bag, throw my boots over my shoulder and head out the door.My first priority is to get some gas and breakfast.There is a strip mall close to Johnson and Wales that I can do both things at one time.I let the tank fill up while I walk to Einstein Brothers Bagelsand pick up a delicious toasted sesame bagel and head next door to Starbucks for a mocha.With my breakfast in hand, I am ready for a day of skiing and enjoying the beautiful mountains.

Pizza and a cold beer
When I have sufficiently made myself tired and sore enough it is time to head down off the mountain and go back to Denver.This is usually about noon and also the time when the mountain is filled with late-waking snowboarders and families moving very slow down the runs.After the long trek back to my car I drive, out of breath, to the public bathroom to change into my cold street clothes.

It is now time to get onto the highway and drive back home.I stop about halfway at a town called Idaho Springs, and eat a popular pizza place called Beau Jo’s Pizza.Beau Jo’smakes what is called Colorado style pizza, and unique style crust that is thin in the middle and large and fluffy around the edges.Beau Jo’s uses fresh ingredients that were grown in Colorado and have a wide array of seasonal pizza flavors.I like to have a cold lager made a Tommy Knockers, a micro-brewery about two door downs from Beau Jo’s, the two pair perfectly and it is a great way to end my day.

It takes me another hour from there to make it back to school, of course this is with trying not to fall asleep behind the wheel and having to ride my brake so I don’t fly down the mountain at 95 miles per hour.I get home, take a shower, then pass out on the couch while watching soap operas.Just to get up the next day and do it all over again!

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