Last night I was working on some projects for school when I had a craving for something chocolatey.I have not gotten groceries lately so my kitchen and refrigerator was looking fairly empty.Looking around to see if there was even just some M&M’s (which there was not any) and saw that I had plenty of baking supplies except one key ingredient: eggs.So, I thought of what I could make without eggs and the idea came to me of making brownies.

I’ve never made brownies without eggs before but I know of plenty of people who have, so I figured it couldn’t be that difficult right?I looked online at a few different egg-less brownie recipes and ended on one simple one.

Click here if you want to see the recipe I used.

I mixed everything according to the method of preparation and popped the brownies into the oven.Thirty minutes and a clean toothpick later I pulled the brownies out to cool.They looked and smelled good so I was hopeful to what they were going to taste like.When the brownies were ready to cut, it was like trying to break glass with my butter knife.The outside crust was harder than rocks and took a lot of effort to cut into.Once I scooped a piece out, the inside of the brownie had turned from a cooked fudgy brownie to sludge.It was almost the consistency of wet sand, and didn’t taste much better.

After one bite, I threw out the entire 9X13 pan.I have learned my lesson about trusting recipes that I find online.Learn from my mistake and online use recipes from reputable sites, and be prepared if your recipe doesn’t turn out tasting so good.

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