Smell of Spring

As great as New York is for people who enjoy food, cooking is not the easiest task (small kitchens small, poor ventilation, tiny work spaces).But the one thing that's even more difficult (nearly impossible it seems) is to have a garden.

I've given up on dreams of growing my own vegetables, but I'm giving herbs a stab - and even that is difficult. My new, tiny box of an apartment has two windows but they don't get much light. So I've resorted to leaving my parsley, basil, mint and lavender on the fire escape.

Finally, it feels like spring is here. Last night I caught my first sniff of basil when a rainstorm was moving through and the wind was swirling outside.

I can't wait to make my own pesto, sprinkle some parsley atop my pasta and make minty mojitos this summer.

The herbs have only inspired me to be more of a "locavore," too. Luckily, the Union Square green market is only ten blocks from me. It's the first place where I've seen ramps and so many people gawking for local produce. A lot of chefs will buy their ingredients at this market and create dishes for their customers based on what's seasonal at the market.

For now, I'll focus on making sure my herbs make it on the fire escape. If you have tips, please feel free to share.

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