As just about most Americans around the country today know, we are expecting blizzards throughout the Midwest.It is projected that over 100 million people will be effected by the snow starting… well, right now.

I have heard stories from friends around the country about grocery stores closing from lack of stock and schools closing even before the snow has started to fall.Here in Ann Arbor, MI there are already 75% of all school and also plenty of businesses closed in preparation for the snow fall.For all of you students out there, here is me wishing that you get the day off tomorrow!Unfortunately, they don’t cancel online classes because of snow.

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful…
My family and myself are bundled up, watching the weather channel from our fire-lit living room.Although we are not expecting to be actually snowed in, we did stock up on some groceries and we have several 5-gallon bottles of water sitting in the basement.We are lucky to be one of the only neighborhoods in the city with our power-lines underground; so there shouldn’t be a problem with losing power.

But Inside It’s So Delightful
Tonight and tomorrow seem like the stereotype of days where we make chocolate chip cookies, drink hot cocoa, and have beef stew for dinner — all while sitting in front of our wood-burning stove.All that’s missing is Cindy Loo-hoo and the grinch… oh wait, that’s a different movie.

To anyone in the path of snowpocolypse, keep warm!

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