So That's What The Gloves Are For!

In our second week of making breads and rolls we moved onto rich breads.We started making rye’s, brioche, sweetbreads, and focaccia.For the first day of making focaccia, our table was placed in charge of preparing all of the topping.We had several different types of cheese, onions, peppers, zucchini, and herbs.

My classmate Ericka began by chopping up the jalapenos while I was in charge of slicing 24 onions!After only about the 5th one, I was crying uncontrollably and had a good pile of wet paper towels accumulating next to me.When I was done with the onions, and there was 6 huge bowls fulls of onions on the table, I moved onto finishing up with the peppers.There were only a few red peppers left, and I figured it would only take me a second to chop them up and start sauteing all of the vegetables.Little did I know that even touching one red pepper would bring on a horrible burning sensation.

Maybe I Can Now Feel My Fingers
I brought the tons of onions, peppers, and zucchini to the back of the class to saute them in a large hotel pan.As I was standing there, mouth watering, waiting for the veggies to be done, I felt a slight heat on my fingertips.For the past few years, my fingertips have been completely numb to heat and cold sensations.This is from touching 350 degrees and higher pans and food repeatedly.But, standing there staring at the fragrant onions I thought that maybe I was just getting the feeling back in my fingers.I ignored it and kept on going about my business.

It Looks Like You Just Waxed Your Eyebrows
Like I normally do everyday when I am cooking, I was washing my hands frequently.But, the burning in my fingertips just got worse.Taking a break for a moment to get a drink and sit down, i rubbed my eyebrows.Immediatly my skin turned red and my face started burning quite badly!

“It looks like you just wased your eyebrows”

One of my classmates said.It was than that I realized the fatal mistake I made by not wearing gloves.The whole rest of the day my face burned, and still the next day my fingers tingled.I spent the rest of that evening with a wet wash-cloth over my face and whining in pain.I am amazed that even after just touching two peppers that the reaction would be so strong, but from now on I will ALWAYS wear gloves!

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