Sophomoritis: The New Pandemic at Johnson and Wales

Spring is finally here and the smell of lilac and wisteria floats around the campus at Johnson and Wales Denver.Now that the weather is warming up there is a growing number of people outside enjoying the sun and heat.

Unlike most typical schools, after two years you can graduate with an associates degree in either culinary arts or baking and pastry arts.This means that not only are there students who have senioritis, but there is alsosophomoritis.The talk of summer plans and graduation is on the lips of most students currently.With only nine more class days until graduation, there is an abundant amount of students just itching for school to be over.

For me it has become more and more difficult to stay on track.Procrastinating on homework and projects is a normalicy for any college student, but now it has gotten worse for me.It seems to take three times as long to write a paper, and I feel the need to make frequent breaks to play solitaire on my laptop.

The added stress of having to begin packing up my entire dorm room does not help.All students must vacate their rooms the same day as the graduation ceremony.Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me during the next two weeks.I just need to push through that sophomoritis and get everything done!

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