Squeaky wheel gets to do food writing

One of the main reasons I applied for my current externship is because the company offers everything I love, all rolled into one place: food writing, recipe development, television, photography and marketing. I've had the opportunity to watch everything from afar, asking as many questions as I can fit into a day, but I wanted more - I didn't want to just watch, I wanted to do.

I wanted to write a food article, try a screen test in front of the camera, practice food styling, develop my own recipes and discuss social media and marketing ideas on how the Test Kitchen can better fit into the ever evolving Internet food craze.

Four of the five "wants" on my list received a big fat "no," which was extremely disappointing. But the door for writing was never quite closed all the way, so I focused on that. After five weeks of asking, pitching and begging, a new online writing opportunity opened up, and I managed to get all those in the daisy chain to agree to give me a chance to write something. The piece will involve developing a recipe, writing the story, food styling and photography, for possible online publication later in the year. I’m also thinking of using my Flip Video to do a quick demo.

I'm not sure when or if it will actually be published online, but I'm excited for the chance, just the same — it will be a great exercise. And if it is published, I can then market and pimp it across all social media platforms.

I suppose, in a strange way, I got to do everything I wanted to after all.

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