Summer Bounty In A Pot

One might assume that the joy that comes from having your own garden is limited to those who have ample space to do so, but this is not true.

I live in San Francisco and although I am not one of those city dwellers fortunate enough to have my own plot of land, I do have a large, south facing porch which provides the perfect space for planting a potted garden.

A couple of years ago I began my gardening foray with a few herbs and while I was pleased to learn that there was more than a little bit of green in my thumb, I knew that I wanted more.

So last year I decided to see what I could really do. After watching a few episodes of the British series Jamie At Home (which is just now appearing on the Food Network) I was totally inspired. Just about every episode shows clever, unconventional ways to plant a garden (like growing lettuce in old coffee cans and strawberries in hanging baskets) and motivated me to get busy. By mid-summer I had my own mini-farm just outside my front door. I grew two kinds of tomatoes, carrots, chard, kale, butter lettuce, mesclun, strawberries, sugar-snap peas and six different herbs.

Some things grew better than others, and some things succumbed to blight such as aphids and birds, but overall it was a great success and truly so gratifying.

Yesterday I planted my garden for this year and now anxiously await the yield. Taking a lesson from the last crop, I decided to stick to the things that seemed to thrive the most — lettuces, herbs and tomatoes.

The beauty of gardening in pots is that it is easy and can be done just about anywhere that gets good sunlight. The real fun of it comes when you eat your first harvest. Here are a couple of links to blogs that talk about this in more detail.

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