Sweetheart Daisies

A good friend of mine that I have known since high school called me and asked me to make her wedding cake.Of course I said yes; I was more than happy to make her a wedding cake.Her wedding was on New Year’s Eve and I gave myself plenty of time to make the cake, knowing that with my back it would be hard to complete.

Thankfully, a fellow baker friend that I met at Johnson and Wales University helped me out by flying in for the weekend.I was able to get a lot done ahead of time by making all of the 300 small Gerber daisies, black pearls, and butter cream.

I did break from my typical pattern by making the cakes more than three days before the wedding.I was able to ice/frost them and then left them in the freezer, with no noticeable difference in taste.

Everyone loved the wedding cake, but most importantly the bride and groom loved it!I even saw the groom eating all of the three different flavors I made for them.

The photo above represents the finished product, though wish I had more photos to share with you, like ones of the cake in process.We were so busy that I didn’t think about taking pictures until the cake was finished!

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