Taste the Rainbow, and Maybe a Few Other Things Too

My oh my, its was simply spectacular outside here in Buffalo last weekend. The sun was out, clear skies, and the heat wasn’t overbearing. That is, unless you were by one of the many tents that were in the middle of the street. Tents? In the street? Sounds like my hometown finally went off the deep end. No, I assure you it hasn’t. Instead, they took a culinary journey that half the country noticed. Ahh, the Taste of Buffalo. Which is the the largest food tasting event in the north east if you haven’t heard. Close to a million people roams the streets downtown, tasting delicious meal after meal from local favorites such as Duff’s Insane Heat Chicken Wings (As see on the Food Network’s Man vs. Food, and Travel Channel’s Food Wars) and our ever famous Beef on Weck. This wasn’t all we had, but we’ll head down that path in a moment.

You see readers, the Taste of Buffalo has grown nearly every year in it’s existence. Now people from all over the country, even the world (there were confirmed travelers from Europe, Africa, and Asia) come to try out not only our food, but other specialty items as well. In my articles concerning picky eaters, I said that it’s important for people to go past their aversions to food, and try new things. Has anyone here reading this ever had a roast beef sunday?

I have.

Or a Taco in a bag?

The wonderful part of the Taste of Buffalo is cheap, delicious food. There are foods from all over the world, yet surprisingly local. Local restaurants showcased menu items with flair and passion. I couldn’t tell you how many patrons I saw flocking to foods they normally would avoid because of attractive women in daisy dukes, or guys cracking jokes in BBQ pits, to men juggling and mascots galore. Choices were everywhere, but that did not seem to stop anyone. I saw one man with five different plates of food stacked high to his face. Did I mention cheap? Everything was sold with tickets, where you could get a pack of 10 for just five dollars. most meals cost between 5-7 tickets, so a mere ten dollars could net you quite a bit of food.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little taste of last weekend. The importance here is to look outside the norm, and support local events such at these. I believe that food brings happiness, and last weekend I saw a million fat happy people. Something must be right. As for our next article, were going to look at the importance of knowing where our food comes from, and who exactly makes it. I recommend to all my reader’s to watch Food Inc. which I will delve into next. Till next time readers.

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