The Best Parts.....

It seems to me that there is an increasingly disturbing aspect of American culture that simply will not go away. It is an ignorant, simple-minded, short sighted and arrogant view of how we look at the “other” parts of the pig, cow, chicken, duck, etc. Americans will not only refuse to eat the “nasty bits” they proclaim them as “disgusting”.

Only a few generations ago it was entirely necessary to eat and use every single part of the animal to survive. Why did this go out the window? When? How? These questions drive me up…and then right back down a wall. It is completely idiotic that there are people in this country that will live and die never experiencing the joys of head cheese, foie gras, blood sausage, chicken livers, sweet breads, beef cheeks or even a tasty bull heart. The majority of the country is leaving out the best parts of these noble animals.

Not only is it a wasteful practice it limits the potential developing palate of the youth of the nation. If parents continue to pass on that one should only consider a steak, a chicken breast or a pork chop acceptable food fair we are doomed. This isn’t an issue of taste or class this is an issue of intelligence. It’s just not smart to leave the best parts of the animal to the processed food guys so they can make “lunchables” and “spam” (whats in spam anyway?).

If you haven’t at least tried the “vanity” meats then you are really missing out on some of the most flavorful things you could possibly eat. So as all of our mothers used to say “your not going anywhere until your plate is clean”, because if you do you’re missing out on some of the best parts.

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