The Competition: Judgment Day

The Midas Touch
It was only one day before the big competition.I was only sleeping two hours each night and was completely exhausted!Making this cake was a much big undertaking that I thought it was going to be.I didn’t have enough time to really put the attention to detail into the cake that I normally would have.Thoughts of great doubt and humiliation were filled in my head all day.My cake was not only going to be seen by the judges and other professionals at the competition, but my entire school and my teachers would be evaluating my cake.

When I looked at the cake all I could see were the flaws.I was filled with regret and embarrassment for trying to take on such an ambitious design.But, I could not turn back now.

That night, Ericka and I were up until about 4:00 AM working on the cake.I would pipe on the intricate filigree details out of royal icing, and Ericka would painstakingly paint on the gold dust.

Even though I would have loved to take more time, and add more details to the cake, my exhaustion and frustration with the whole experience talked me into calling it done.I was please with my work, although I knew that I could have done better.With any cakes I make, I am never satisfied and know that I could have improved.

Judgment Day
The Next day, I had to be up at 6 AM to set up my cake and the table display.By the time we were done with the cake and cleaning up, it was almost 4:30 AM.I wasn’t sure if trying to get an hour of sleep was a good idea or not, that I might be too tired for the next day.But seeing as I hadn’t had a full meal in over a week and was averaging on two hours of sleep a night, I thought maybe it was a good idea.

The next morning, or just an hour for me, I pulled myself out of bed.I put on my cleanest uniform and tried to make myself look presentable.Ericka and I made a quick trip to the store to get some flowers and a vase, then headed to school to set up the display.

After getting the table ready, shining the champagne flutes and silverware, and setting out rose petals…all I could do was to wait.We were ushered out of the kitchen so that the judges could do their work.All of the other competitors, including myself, stood like patrons at a zoo, staring in through the window to try and read what was on the judges faces.

The agony of waiting was unbareable.All of the little things that went wrong with the cake was screaming out into my head.I wanted to just run in there and tell them not to judge my cake, that it was all a mistake and that I wasn’t ready.Thankfully my best friend Ericka was there to calm me down.

After the judging was over, we were called into the room one-by-one to talk with them about our entries…

To Be Continued….

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