The Egg and Me

It's not unusual to cook complicated dishes in culinary school. So far we've delivered such French classics as beef burgundy, consomme and cream puffs.

But when it comes to the true measure of a chef's skills, there's one seemingly pedestrian dish he or she is judged by: the omelet.

How difficult can it be? You just mix some eggs, throw in a pan to cook and flip in half. Right? Wrong. Very wrong.

With eggs, salt, some butter and salt, a chef can do wonders. The classic French omelet requires the right amount of heat, proper seasoning and impeccable timing. The result is one where the omelet is fluffy, a perfect yellow all around and the middle is slightly wet. I never tasted such an omelet until culinary school.

Our chef said many cooks in professional kitchens are often given the responsibility of making omelets. They think it's easy at first but quickly discover that making the perfect omelet requires much practice, skill and experience.

Seeing as my friends and I enjoy having weekend brunches together, I figure I'll take a stab at it this winter. It'll be good practice, after all.

If you have any good tips, please share!

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