The End is Near

Yesterday was the last day of the trimester here at Johnson and Wales.I am all done with finals and I am so happy that I don’t have to worry about exams or final projects anymore.

This week has been very stressful and exhausting and now that its over I can relax and enjoy my spring break.There are still the stereotypical college students whom are going to Mexico for spring break, but because of the economy there are plenty of kids who are staying here for their break.Most students I have talked to have to work, like me, so they wont be going anywhere or doing much.

For me, I plan to go skiing and just relax.I think I deserve it after this past trimester!It wont be until next week that I will find out what my final grades are but I do know a few of them.So far I have an ‘A-’ in my foundations of leadership class, and an ‘A+’ in Bake Tech!I’m hoping the rest of the grades will be just as good.

I have a week off from school before my next set of classes start.A week seems like a long time but when you have to work every day there is not much extra time for relaxing.It does give me time to get certain things done like my taxes, filing my fafsa, and looking for more apartments around town.

Once the week is over, my third and final trimester beings.I am taking my final labs: Chocolate and Sugar Showpieces and Advanced Cake Decorating.Both of these labs will be fun and an easy was to end up the year.For there is only 86 days until I graduate!

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