The Grand Lux

I just started working at The Grand Lux Cafe, located at the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado.The restaurant there opened about a year ago, and I would not have heard about it unless I was already looking for a job in that same area.

About The Restaurant
The Grand Lux Cafe started when The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas asked the founder of The Cheesecake Factory to come up with an upscale restaurant design to go into their property.The answer was, The Grand Lux Cafe.Inspired by architecture, decor, and cuisine of Italy, the restaurant has a lush and grand design.

Upon entering the restaurant, the first thing you see is the opulent grandeur of the front doors.Once inside, the host will greet you with a big smile, making you feel right at home. The place is fairly dark, setting the mood for a romantic dinner.

The dining room is mostly booths and banquettes.Each table is made of a large polished slab or red and white marble, lighted by hand blown lamps.Right above you the ceiling is ornately decorated with gold leaf, oxidized copper and large chandeliers.

The Food
The Grand Lux Cafe specializes in global style cuisine. There are dishes that pull from American, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, and Indian influences.You can try a wide range of dishes from Thai Summer Rolls, to Chicken Parmesan, and even Wiener Schnitzel.The only downside to the large menu is deciding what to get and than trying to eat it all!The plates are huge and just about every dish is enough for two meals, so if your going with a friend I would recommend sharing!

Another interesting and unique thing about The Grand Lux is the baked to order desserts.Located at the bottom of the appitizers page is five baked to order dessert selections.Each of these desserts are made from scratch when you order them!My personal choice is the molten chocolate cake; perfectly cooked and when broken into oozes out a delicious hot center.

The People
What sets us apart from other restaurants in the area?The great service!The Grand Lux brings you service that is good enough for any five star restaurant with out the stuffy atmoshphere.Whether you come in jeans and a tee shirt or dressed up and ready to go to the opera, The Grand Lux is a great place to enjoy a meal.

Come see me there sometime!

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